Welcome to AppleMonster Studios!

This is the home of AppleMonster Studios. Our site will allow you to see all that we have to offer. We are dedicated to helping to bring your imagination to life!

We specialize in expressive, fun, and toony suits. For more about getting your very own AppleMonster creation, explore our site, look at our gallery and read our FAQ.!

Our mission:

To bring the joy of fursuiting to anyone by providing appealing, innovative, and memorable fursuits that will entertain and last for years to come!

We know that fursuiting can be a source of fun and long lasting memories not only for the one who is performing, but for all who meet them. This is why we created this studio, because we wanted to help others have fun by bringing their imagination to life as we help create their character. We hope that you enjoy your apple monster fursuit and that the memories that are made with it are some of the happiest you have.


We attend a number of conventions every year, and we would love to meet you in person! Here is a list of events that we are planning on being at where you can find us!

RMFC: Aug 11 - 14

Be sure to follow us on our various social media sites for any updates or announcements. We may also be found in the dealer's areas of some of these events, and we will announce those plans on our social media as well!


We are always working on projects here, and here is a list of what we currently have in the works!

Genn Greymane!